Inhuman Feelings (2022) – Album

Released: 07/10/2022

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(2022, Maldito Digital, Maldito Records)
Line up: Toni Kernel (guitars & programming), Lady Marian (vocals), Silva Panic (bass)
Produced by Toni Kernel
Mixed by Pablo Ochando & Toni Kernel.
Mastered by Pablo Ochando.

Featuring vocals on “NOT MY PLAN” by ERIC13 (COMBICHRIST)
Featuring vocals on “SEXOMNIA” by CARLOS ESCOBEDO (SOBER). Recorded at Can Puc Studios.
Featuring vocals on “QUARANTINE” by MarinaRtista.
Keyboards, samplers and electronic arrangements on “BLACK DIAMONDS” by MDRK.
Drums on “QUARANTINE” and aditional drums on “MESMERIZED” by Juanlu Moreno (The Tractor).

Model & cover photo: Aleera de Lune
Band photo by: Vikthor Clarke